Celebrities who didn’t give a f**k about the Grammys dress code [SLIDESHOW]

Last week, CBS decided to put their foot down on nip-slips and crotch shots by issuing a dress code to all celebrities attending the ceremony.

The dress code insisted that “buttocks and female breasts are adequately covered” and frowned upon “see-through clothing” and flashing “the genital region.” It also stated that “thong type costumes are problematic.”

While most celebrities honored it, some just did not give a f**k about that dress code and decided to flash some buttocks, female breasts and see-through clothing anyway.

Take that, CBS.

Click an image below for larger version.
  • Keltie Colleen -- whoever that is -- is coming dangerously close to JLo's territory.
  • We are used to seeing her pretty much naked at this point, but if Jennifer Lopez's dress were cut any shorter, we would be able to see where her babies came from.
  • The only thing between us and Kelly Rowland's mammaries are some very thin strips of black fabric.
  • Thank you, Ashanti, for opening the curtains to your genital area.
  • Katy Perry's boobs are not an unusual sight, but here they are.

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