Internet users offer support for ex-cop and alleged murderer Christopher Dorner

Ex-LAPD cop and alleged murderer Christopher Dorner has generated something of a supportive following on social media, where thousands have voiced support for his cause and the sentiments in his 14-page manifesto.

One Facebook page, “I support Christopher Jordan Dorner,” received more than 6,400 “likes” — or votes of support from individual community members — in four days.

“You want to know why people are rallying around this guy even though he has done some nasty things?” the page reads. “It’s because there are so many cases of police mistreatment. Of people who have had brothers, sisters, mothers, fathers, cousins ect, [sic] that have been killed or incarcerated for years without ANY kind of repercussion towards the officers.”

“If anything this says more about Law Enforcement then it does about the people supporting him,” the page continues. “Look who they have to turn to for hope because they have exhausted every other resource to get some justice!”

The Facebook page “We are All Chris Dorner” has also been posting its support for Dorner, at times comparing his plight with that of abolitionists and civil rights figures.

“The SOUL of Nat Turner Lives Thru This Brave Man…We All Shuld B More Like Him….GREAT JOB!!!” reads the page, which was posted Saturday.

In a later post, the page analogizes the “Underground Railroad” to the Internet and mass communication. There is even a picture of Facebook users discussing how to assist Dorner.

“Now, a Revolutionary Railroad must be constructed organically, a decentralized (inter)national network of individuals and groups willing to aid those who seek to directly fight against a tyrannical system and its accomplices,” the post reads. “Alone, alienated, and divided – we will fail in our struggle. Through organization, and by taking necessary risks, we will learn how to combat the machinations of tyranny – but we must do it together with our like-minded brothers and sisters. It used to be you could have a revolution with just a pen and paper. Now we have the internet and mass communication… Stay safe. Never give up.”

Another page proclaims “Christopher Jordan Dorner for President,” calling him a “a real American hero.”

“[T]his page is putting forth the proposal that we the people elect christopher jordan dorner as president of the united states of america,” They explain. “[T]his man has done what the founding fathers did, in declaring war on the corrupt ruling class. we propose electing a man who could no longer sit idly by and watch as malicious tyrants abuse the innocent.”

The page, created on Feb. 8, currently has 90 “likes,” and is encouraging supporters to call in fake tips to the police.

“It certainly would be ‘helpful’ if you happen to ‘see’ someone who may vaguely resemble him in your area (or perhaps some VERY out of the way area), the LAPD seem to want our help, so let’s offer some.”