Don’t worry, Joe Biden will decide which media outlets are and aren’t legitimate


“Gun control” is now “gun safety.” And here’s Vice President Biden to reassure you that the Obama administration isn’t trying to do what they’re actually trying to do:

“There is a sense of urgency, in the United States of America, to the federal government and the local governments, to act. And there is no conflict — none, zero — with any of those things that were suggested here today, with the Second Amendment and the right of legitimate citizens to hold and bear arms, and bear arms for their own self-protection.”

I’m reminded of that old Monty Python quote: “And may I take this opportunity of emphasizing that there is no cannibalism in the British Navy. Absolutely none. And when I say ‘none,’ I mean there is a certain amount.”

But here’s the best part, as reported by Charlie Spiering:

“To be very blunt with you, we’re counting on all of you, the legitimate news media, to cover these discussions, because the truth is that times have changed,” Biden added, warning that people would continue to “misrepresent” the White House’s plans for gun control.

Remember “speaking truth to power”? Those days are over. Now it’s time to speak whatever power tells you is the truth. And if you don’t, you’re not “legitimate.”

What’s that? You don’t trust Joe Biden? But just look at him. He’s so friendly and nice. He wouldn’t lie to you. [Insert “malarkey,” “fiddle-faddle,” and other charmingly outdated slang here.]

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