Obama to go on wreath-laying expedition in Israel

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President Barack Obama’s March trip to Israel will feature the laying of not one, not two, but three wreaths, according to a preview of his itinerary by

In what may be the most packed wreath-laying expedition in American presidential history, President Obama will land in Israel around noon on March 20, according to the report by the Israeli online news site.

After a reception at which he will deliver a speech and a ceremony at Israeli President Shimon Peres’ house, the president will proceed to the Yad Vashem Holocaust Museum, where he will lay his first wreath in the Hall of Remembrance.

He will then visit Mount Herzl, where he will lay his second wreath at the tomb of Theodor Herzl, the founder of the modern Zionist movement.

Afterward, President Obama will lay his final wreath in Israel. at the tomb of late Israeli Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin, who was assassinated in 1995.

Once President Obama dispatches with his wreath-laying duties, he is slated to attend more meetings, be hosted for more ceremonies and give more speeches over the next two days. He will also visit with Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas in the West Bank town of Ramallah on the morning of March 21.

On Friday afternoon, President Obama will depart Israel for Jordan, where he will meet with Jordanian King Abdullah.

During November’s presidential campaign, President Obama was criticized by conservative pro-Israel groups for not visiting Israel during his first term in office.

It is unclear if the president plans to lay any more wreaths outside outside of Israel during his Middle East tour.

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