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TheDC Morning: Obama may care, but unfortunately he’s not a doctor

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1.) Obama may care, but unfortunately he’s not a doctor  — A predictable Obamacare problem begins to materialize, reports The Daily Caller News Foundation’s Michael Bastasch:

“California, the state that first attempted to implement President Barack Obama’s health care overhaul, has realized there aren’t enough doctors to care for the large influx of newly insured patients. The Los Angeles Times reports that only 16 of the state’s 58 counties meet the federal government’s recommended standard of primary care physicians, and almost 30 percent of California’s doctors are close to the retirement age — the highest percentage nationwide. ‘We’re going to be mandating that every single person in this state have insurance,’ Democratic state Sen. Ed Hernandez told the Los Angeles Times. ‘What good is it if they are going to have a health insurance card, but no access to doctors?'”

Apparently going around screaming “health care is a right” isn’t enough to make it so.

2.) Thank God for Israel— In 2007, Israel destroyed Syria’s secret nuclear program after the Bush administration decided to take the issue to the United Nations instead of striking itself. George W. Bush’s deputy national security adviser, Elliott Abrams, says the current Syrian crisis could be far worse if Israel followed America’s lead on the issue. He also says there are lessons to be drawn on how to handle Iran’s nuclear program. TheDC’s Jamie Weinstein reports:

“Abrams says there are lessons to be drawn about the Israeli strike on Syria’s nuclear program that pertain to the current debate in Washington over a possible strike against Iran’s nuclear program. ‘The lesson I draw is that predictions about an inevitable and gigantic Middle East war if anyone strikes the Iranian nuclear sites are unpersuasive,’ Abrams said. ‘Syria considered the possible gains and losses from striking back, and did not do so. Iran’s rulers will make the same calculations, and the options it faces the day after are not very good. For one thing, the Syrians viewed the attack as a sign of Israeli and American strength, and that scared them; they did not want to respond in any way that might elicit a further attack. Iran might have the same reaction, because an attack would show we are not afraid of them — and might make them more afraid of us.'”

This is not the first time an Israeli strike on a nuclear reactor has benefitted America and the world. In 1981, Israel launched a surprise strike on Iraq’s nuclear reactor. Though the Jewish State successfully destroyed it, the United States was livid. But just a decade later the U.S. was thanking Israel for the strike — then-Secretary of Defense Dick Cheney even sent a thank you note to the Israeli general in charge of the 1981 operation. The Gulf War would have been much different if Saddam Hussein was allowed to develop nuclear weapons — as would the Syrian conflict today.

3.) There is no lack of super PACs — And yet another group announces they will form a super PAC. TheDC’s Alex Pappas reports:

“Tea Party Patriots is getting its own super PAC. Since bursting onto the political scene in 2009, the national grassroots coalition has organized rallies against President Obama’s health-care law, promoted tea party issues and been at the disposal of local tea party groups, but has never meddled in specific races. But that’s changing now, as Tea Party Patriots looks to stay relevant and make their mark on the elections in 2014 and 2016. The coordinators of the organization voted at the end of last year to establish a federal super PAC, the Tea Party Patriots Citizens Fund. ‘I think this is a natural evolution for our organization,’ Jenny Beth Martin, one of the founders of the organization, said in a phone interview with The Daily Caller on Monday.”

4.) A reason to drink — Tonight is the State of the Union address so The Daily Caller has put together our own drinking game to guide you as you watch. Among the suggestions: “When Obama engages in class warfare, stab the richest person in the room with your broken beer bottle (which was broken, of course, by smashing it on said gentleman’s head).” Also: “Whenever Obama says ‘jobs,’ pour eight percent of your drink down the drain.” And: “If Obama says ‘Let me be clear,’ take a shot of vodka or translucent alcohol of your choice.” Read the rest, have fun and don’t play while driving.

5.) Poll of the Day: Americans approve of drone strikes — Pew Research Center asks adults nationwide, “Do you approve or disapprove of the United States conducting missile strikes from pilotless aircraft called drones to target extremists in countries such as Pakistan, Yemen and Somalia?”: 56% approve, 26% disapprove, while 18% are unsure.

6.) Tweet of Yesterday — Jonah Goldberg: Anyone remotely familiar with the Book of Revelations would not be rooting for a Canadian Pope. #MadeThatUp

VIDEO: Charles Krauthammer says he expects an “extremely aggressive and partisan” State of the Union speech 

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