Study: It costs men $218 to ‘get lucky’ on Valentine’s Day

On average, a man needs to fork over $218 to “get lucky” on Valentines Day, a new study conducted by global dating website revealed.

SeekingArrangement.com is a dating site that matches would-be “sugar babies” with wealthy men, servicing over 2 million members worldwide.

It surveyed 9,000 women, asking questions about their last three Valentine’s Day dates in order to determine the proper amount of cash a man should spend to make them comfortable and willing to engage in sexual behavior. The responses averaged out to $218, according to the study.

The $218 could be spent throughout the course of the night on various presents, dinner outings and activities.

The study also collected data from 8,300 men about their average intentions when agreeing to a Valentines Day date.

The findings revealed that 77 percent of men surveyed participate in Valentines Day dates in order to enter into a new relationship or, for single men as well as those in relationships, to have sex at the end of the night.

Additionally, the study found that single men spend the most on Valentines Day dates, — $257 on average — while married men spend $203 and men in committed relationships spend $180.

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