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‘YUCK!’ Nancy Pelosi doesn’t like public nudity

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi thinks public nudity is below San Francisco’s “standards.”

“Enough with the public nudity,” she said in a Tuesday interview with the Huffington Post. “Please. We have our standards.”

San Francisco lawmakers in favor of allowing public nudity — which the city banned last November — argue that restricting nakedness is against the tenets of the city’s notorious progressivism.

But Pelosi told HuffPost that she recoils at the thought of children seeing naked people.

“Supervisor [Scott] Wiener is a very progressive supervisor,” Pelosi insisted, showing support for the San Francisco lawmaker who originally introduced restrictions on public nudity, “but kids don’t go to the park for — yuck.”

Pelosi said the nudity ban will have no effect on the city’s liberal bona fides.

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