Here are 10 awesome old-school college mascots

These days, live incarnations of college sports mascots are loveable-looking, but also predictable and banal. For the most part, they’re just teddy bears with oversized heads that represent the school logo. It wouldn’t be at all surprising to learn that the same corporate ad agency is churning them all out.

In the early days of mascots, however, things were different. All the way through at least the early 1980s, mascots had a wonderfully wacky, chintzy, box-of-chocolates quality to them. You never knew what you were going to get, it seems, but you did know that it would be fun and interesting.

Below, The Daily Caller presents 10 of the coolest old-school college mascots.

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  • Duke University's mascot was terrible back in the day, yes, but check out that sweet GTO convertible. (Photo: Duke Magazine)
  • The Penn State University nittany lion isn't awful here, but the sexual implications of the photo are slightly unnerving. (Photo: Penn State Alumni Library)
  • "For -- I say, I say, fortunately I always carry a spare set of feathers," said the University of South Carolina's Big Spur, circa 1980. (Photo: My Carolina Alumni Association)
  • Little-known fact: Between when he killed his family and when he broke out of the insane asylum to chase Jamie Lee Curtis all over Haddonfield, Michael Myers attended Texas A&M University. He was ROTC. (Photo:
  • "No one knows what it's like/To be the sad man/Behind The Ohio State University's Brutus Buckeye's eyes." Photo: The Columbus Dispatch / Ken Chamberlain Jr.)
  • The University of Louisville's Cardinal Bird prepares for a fancy meal after a thrilling victory by the men's basketball team. (AP file photo)
  • This is Purdue University's Purdue Pete circa 1969, possibly about to hit an attractive cheerleader upside the head with a sledgehammer.  (Photo: public domain)
  • Yes, this TCU Horned Frog is truly hideous. You should know, though, that it did turn into a prince shortly after this photo was taken. (Photo: The TCU Magazine)
  • The chipmunk-looking figure with webbed feet between the two cute University of Florida cheerleaders is allegedly supposed to be an alligator. (Photo:
  • In the lean post-World War II years, the mascot of the University of Nebraska was a guy dressed in a mechanic's outfit with half an ear of corn on his head. (Photo: The Scarlet)