7 reasons why it is okay to hate Anne Hathaway [SLIDESHOW]

Anne Hathaway may have just won one of the most prestigious awards in the film industry during Sunday night’s Academy Awards, but at the end of the day one must not forget that she is still Mia Thermopolis from “The Princess Diaries.”

Hathaway has garnered a large following of haters who hate her for, well, being herself — an insufferable drama nerd that seems to take herself way too seriously.

Though it might be oddly poetic that she won her “dream came true” for singing about dreaming dreams, there are still a few things to take to task about the actress.

Here are the seven reasons why it’s ok to hate Hathaway:

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  • Instead of staying above the fray, Hathaway actually addressed all her haters after winning her Oscar and even admitted, "It does get to me.” Why would you admit that? Just adding fuel to the fire. (Photo: Getty)
  • Anne tries to bill herself as this smart earnest actress who takes her craft very seriously -- but let's not forget her roots. She first pounced on the movie scene as as the frazzled Mia Thermopolis in "The Princess Diaries."
  • This pictures speaks for itself. (Photo: Glamour)
  • During her acceptance speech, Anne fake cried while thanking what seemed like just about everyone who works in Hollywood. Hate to break it to you honey, but brown-nosing is very unbecoming of an Academy Award winner. (Photo: ABC)
  • That see-through dress stunt Hathaway pulled Sunday night was not her first rodeo. At the film premiere for "School of Rock," Hathaway donned this number. It seems as though someone is a little bit overly impressed with her bosom.
  • Are those areolas? On arguably the biggest night of her career, Anne tries to pass this dress off as, as if she didn't realize it would be see through on the red carpet with the sun beating down. Not a classy move. (Photo: Getty Images)
  • Anne has tried to rock this "androgynous-chic" thing after she insisted on cutting her hair to get into her role as Fantine -- even though the director told her not to. Her Oscar campaign began before "Les Miserables" even started filming.

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