TheDC on TV: Weinstein makes the case against sequestration

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Daily Caller Senior Editor Jamie Weinstein made the case against sequestration, which went into effect Friday, during an appearance on Fox News’ “America’s News HQ” Saturday.

Weinstein explained that he’s afraid the sequestration cuts will give the false impression that something has actually been accomplished to fix America’s long-term budget problems.

“I’m afraid, among several reasons I oppose the sequestration, that Congress will act and the American public will believe that because this went into effect we fixed some sort of budget problem,” Weinstein said, “when we’ve done nothing of the sort.”

He also cited his concerns about the defense cuts in sequestration, which when combined with the over $450 billion dollars in cuts over 10 years mandated in 2011 would shave nearly $1 trillion off the defense budget in a decade’s time.


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