In 21 states, bureaucrats and support staff outnumber teachers in schools

The Washington Times | Contributor

Each day at school, students in 21 states will see more librarians, bus drivers, coaches, cafeteria workers and office personnel than teachers, according to a new study that examined school hiring patterns over the past 20 years.

The report, released Thursday by the Friedman Foundation for Educational Choice, found that Virginia, Ohio, Oregon, Maine, Indiana and a number of other states — along with the District of Columbia — employ more nonclassroom personnel than teachers, some by a wide margin.

But the study is likely to be greeted with skepticism from those who believe the Friedman Foundation, which loudly promotes school choice and alternatives to traditional schools, is merely trying to paint American public education in an ineffective and inefficient light.

Full story: Teachers outnumbered in schools by administrators, support staff in many states, study shows

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