So you’re not on spring break, but here are 10 women in bikinis [SLIDESHOW]

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Taylor Bigler
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Gone are the days when you could drink Franzia straight from the bag on a crappy beach in the name of the grand college tradition of SPRING BREAK WOO HOO!!!

Unfortunately, now you’re confined to a desk all day long sans the sweet, sugary taste of boxed wine on your lips — unless you keep Franzia hidden in your desk drawer — and in that case, more power to you.

Since you are no longer allowed a week of debauchery, it’s a good thing there is an Internet full of photos of women in bikinis that you can scroll through to make you feel like you are right there with them. Kind of.

Here are 10 bikini-clad women for you to scroll through when your boss isn’t looking. It beats staring out the window.

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  • Maria Menounos is American, but she is fluent in Greek, according to Wikipedia, which is never wrong. (Photo: Getty Images)
  • Anne V looks so good in a bikini, she can get away with not using a real last name. (Photo: Sports Illustrated)
  • Here's Holly Madison of Playboy fame at the "world's largest pool party" in Vegas, for those of you who are into the fake boobs thing. No judgment. (Photo: Getty)
  • Here's Brooklyn Decker just hanging out on a bed in a bikini. Sports Illustrated really has this market cornered. (Photo: Sports Illustrated)
  • Sports Illustrated rookie Emily DiDonato made her debut this year, and we sure are glad she did. (Photo: Sports Illustrated)
  • Megan Fox leaves little to the imagination. (Photo: GQ)
  • This old school Jessica Biel photo never gets old. (Photo: GQ)
  • This is the photo that launched Jessica Alba's career. (It certainly wasn't that movie.) (Photo: MGM/ Columbia Pictures)
  • Let Bar Rafaeli help you leave your troubles behind. (Pun intended, obviously). (Photo: Sports Illustrated)

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