Kiss me, I’m Irish: 10 hot Irish girls [SLIDESHOW]

What’s luckier than a four leaf clover? Getting to spend your alcohol-infused St. Patty’s day with one of these hot Irish lasses.

Whether you’re into the whole ginger thing or not, raise a Guinness this Sunday to celebrate the life and death of dear St. Patrick, and enjoy the girls from the Land of Eire.

But beware, Irish girls are known to Irish goodbye, and leave without saying a word.


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  • Actress Lindsay Lohan is Irish too -- though given her recent track record, not sure you want to go around kissing her.
  • Actress Olivia Wilde is also Irish.
  • Miss Ireland flaunts around in a pot-'o-gold bikini.
  • Jennifer Connelly is one of Ireland's great American actresses.
  • This girl seems to like showing off her Blarney stones.
  • Erin go bragh-less....or something
  • This Irish lass is waving her flag and her you-know-what to celebrate the life and death of dear St. Patrick
  • Irish Beauty, anyone?
  •  Georgia Salpa is a Greek-Irish super model which is close enough to being just Irish. So she's kissable today.
  • This lady leprechaun looks like she's ready to lead to you her pot of gold

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