Lebron dunks over, stares down Jason Terry [VIDEO]

Lots of people have been saying how much more likable Miami Heat star Lebron James is now that the Kong Kong sized championship monkey is off his back.

He’s playing at an almost unprecedentedly efficient pace and looks like the MVP favorite on the best team in the NBA. That much is fair.

But more likable? More humble? Finally able to be himself and just have fun?

If that’s so, his reaction after this impressive dunk does not do a whole lot to put such sentiments in the best light.

After the four-on-one mini fast break, Lebron dunks over helpless Celtics guard Jason Terry, who he has at least half a foot and 70 pounds on.

Lebron offered no good-guy help to Terry, who took a hard spill after being bulldozed. He didn’t even do the obligatory celebration with teammates that would have been expected.

Instead he stared at Terry, letting him know who was boss, and stood as if in utter awe of his impressive self. Hello, technical foul.

The Heat are on an incredible winning streak and, with last year’s championship already under their belt, people have hopped off the anti-Heat bandwagon.

But technical-inducing reactions like Lebron’s are what gives those still on the bandwagon a little more fuel to keep hating.


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