Amaze your friends with random knowledge about 10 NCAA tourney schools [SLIDESHOW]

Eric Owens | Editor

The two most unproductive days in the American work year are once again upon us. This Thursday and Friday, millions of American sports fans will halfheartedly pretend to work while following the first round of the NCAA tournament on their computers and various mobile devices.

Who will win the games? Which low-seeded teams will pull miraculous upsets? We have no idea. And you have no idea, either. Honestly, why did you spend so much time filling out those brackets?

Anyway, while TheDC can offer you no predictions, we do know entirely too much trivia about the schools with teams in the tournament.

By perusing this slideshow, you’ll be able to borrow a sliver of that knowledge and impress your friends while you pretend to work and, especially, once you leave the office early to hit a bar.

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