Amaze your friends with random knowledge about 10 NCAA tourney schools [SLIDESHOW]

The two most unproductive days in the American work year are once again upon us. This Thursday and Friday, millions of American sports fans will halfheartedly pretend to work while following the first round of the NCAA tournament on their computers and various mobile devices.

Who will win the games? Which low-seeded teams will pull miraculous upsets? We have no idea. And you have no idea, either. Honestly, why did you spend so much time filling out those brackets?

Anyway, while TheDC can offer you no predictions, we do know entirely too much trivia about the schools with teams in the tournament.

By perusing this slideshow, you’ll be able to borrow a sliver of that knowledge and impress your friends while you pretend to work and, especially, once you leave the office early to hit a bar.

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  • <strong>University of New Mexico.</strong> <strong>Fun facts:</strong> At The Land of Enchantment's flagship research university, the student population is impressively diverse, at least by ethnicity. The dorms are terrible, though, according to The Princeton Review. <strong>Really fun fact:</strong> In 2007, the English department was scandalized when it turned out that Lisa D. Chavez, a tenured professor, was moonlighting for better than $40 per hour as "Mistress Jade," a phone-sex dominatrix. Her advertisements allegedly promoted her as flexibility as "a biker bitch, an imperious goddess, or a stern teacher." Chavez is still a professor at UNM. Photo: Facebook/University of New Mexico
  • <strong>Saint Louis University.</strong> <strong>Fun facts:</strong> Largish, Jesuit Saint Louis University boasts a mascot, the Billiken, that is unique in college sports. Apparently, it’s some kind of charm doll. There's also a campus in Madrid. <strong>Really fun fact:</strong> Tom Keefe, interim dean of the law school at SLU, resigned recently after allegedly making a number of un-dean-like statements. "Pot's gotten a lot better than when I was in law school" is one of them. "I've been drunker than ten big Indians," is another priceless gem. Photo: Facebook/Saint Louis University
  • <strong>VCU.</strong> <strong>Fun facts:</strong> Virginia Commonwealth University is a large public research school in Virginia's capital, Richmond. With MTSU (Middle Tennessee State) losing its play-in game, VCU is one of four schools in the tourney that has reprehensibly chosen to go primarily by an acronym. UCLA, UNLV and FGCU are the others. <strong>Really fun fact:</strong> Late last year, VCU's women's volleyball coach James Finley claimed he was sacked for being openly gay. His firing came after he led the team to its best-ever winning percentage. Photo: Creative Commons/Mente
  • <strong>University of Illinois.</strong> <strong>Fun facts:</strong> The University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign is a gargantuan public school. The campus library system holds the second-largest collection among American university libraries. Roger Ebert and Hugh Hefner are alums. Shel Silverstein was expelled. <strong>Really fun fact:</strong> The school has been beset by scandal. Between 2005 and 2009, some applicants received special admissions consideration despite subpar academic credentials because of their parents' political connections. Also in 2012, the American Bar Association fined the College of Law $250,000 for reporting inflated LSAT scores. Photo: Creative Commons/Agriculture
  • <strong>Temple University.</strong> <strong>Fun facts:</strong> Temple University is a large public research university in Philadelphia. Bill Cosby, arguably Temple's most famous alum, ran track at Temple and played fullback on the football team. <strong>Really fun fact:</strong> Temple made the top 20 among universities with the most "sugar babies.' Some 113 Temple students have allegedly offered to hook up with wealthy, older men at the website Photo: Getty Images/Mike Stobe
  • <strong>Bucknell University.</strong> <strong>Fun facts:</strong> Bucknell University is a smallish, private liberal arts school in Central Pennsylvania. According to The Princeton Review, students consume lots of beer (#3 on the TPR list). Also, the surrounding town is home to a high-security federal prison. <strong>Really fun fact:</strong> Earlier this year, Bucknell's president admitted that the school had been reporting bogus SAT and ACT averages for its students from 2006 through 2012. Photo: Creative Commons/Tomwsulcer
  • <strong>Belmont University.</strong> <strong>Fun facts:</strong> Nashville's Belmont University is a midsize, nondenominational Christian school. The first radio station in all of Nashville -- Music City -- went on air in 1922 when a 16-year-old kid installed a 20-watt transmitter on campus. <strong>Really fun fact:</strong> With law school applications down nearly 50 percent since 2004 and at their lowest ebb lowest since the Reagan administration, Belmont shrewdly started a College of Law recently. Classes began in fall 2011. Photo: Facebook/Belmont University
  • <strong>Iona College.</strong> <strong>Fun facts:</strong> Iona College is a smallish Catholic school not far from New York City. It's affiliated with the Congregation of Christian Brothers and takes its name from an island just west of Scotland where the Irish monk Saint Columba established an important abbey in 563. <strong>Really fun fact:</strong> Marie Thornton, formerly Iona's high-rolling chief financial officer and a Catholic nun, pleaded guilty to embezzling over $800,000 from the school and losing all of it at the casinos in nearby Atlantic City. Photo: Creative Commons/Anthony22
  • <strong>Albany</strong>. <strong> Fun facts:</strong> Albany's full name is The University at Albany, State University of New York. The largish public school's mascot is a Great Dane. In 1985, Albany students set the Guinness World Record for the world's largest game of musical chairs with 5,060 participants (a record later broken in Singapore). <strong>Really fun fact:</strong> While architecture critics have hailed SUNY Albany's campus as a formal masterpiece, it's actually a desolate, soulless morass of concrete (#3 on TheDC's ugliest campuses list). Photo: Creative Commons/Beyond My Ken
  • <strong>Southern University</strong>. <strong>Fun facts:</strong> Southern University is a midsize, public, historically black school located in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. According to the school, its College of Engineering is among the top 10 producers of African-American students who obtain undergraduate engineering degrees. <strong>Really fun fact:</strong> Southern University's legendary marching band -- the Human Jukebox -- has played four Super Bowl halftime shows and is easily one of the best college marching bands of all time. Photo: Facebook/Southern University