Mark Levin: Harry Reid ‘lowest of the low-lives,’ ‘bottom of the sewer,’ ‘a vicious stupid man’ [AUDIO]

Jeff Poor | Media Reporter

On his Tuesday radio show, conservative talker Mark Levin attacked Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid for implying on the U.S. Senate floor earlier in the day that the sequester could affect training exercises like the one that led to the deaths of seven U.S. Marines at a military facility in Hawthorne, Nev. on Monday night.

Before launching into his attack, Levin referred to an NBC report that said Marine officials referred to Reid’s statements as “pure political posturing on the backs of these dead Marines.” (RELATED VIDEO: Reid ties budget cuts to Marine deaths)

“That’s exactly what it was, and it was grotesque. And Harry Reid, you’re the lowest of the low-lives, you know that?” Levin said. “You really are at the bottom of the sewer, all the time on every issue — whether it’s accusing Mitt Romney of not filing taxes. You are just a very ill human being. And the fact that you’re the Senate majority leader says an awful lot about the Democrats in the Senate. The American people deserve better than this miscreant — we do.  We deserve better than this man. He is a vicious stupid man. Somehow out of Searchlight, Nev., he has acquired tens of millions of dollars, as he lives on the penthouse floor in the Ritz-Carlton in Washington, D.C. Somehow, somehow this low I.Q., no-talent hack politician has become the Senate majority leader and an extremely wealthy man.”

Levin called on a member of the Senate Republican caucus to step forward and condemn Reid.

“Now look at the slime that comes out of his mouth,” he said. “Seven dead Marines — somebody’s sons, somebody’s fathers, somebody’s brothers — seven dead Marines, and this jerk goes to the Senate floor and he has to talk about the sequester, which has nothing to do with it. Now, did a single Republican go to the Senate floor and condemn this? Well if they did, I haven’t heard about it, and they’re welcome to call the program and tell us, because this man needs to be condemned on the Senate floor in public for the implication that he drew — and he clearly drew it on the Senate floor today. Our men and women in uniform — they’re not there as political props.”

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