Here is the trailer for ‘White House Down,’ soon to be the greatest movie of 2013 [VIDEO]

Just last week “Olympus Has Fallen” about an attack on the White House premiered nationwide.

In case that didn’t fulfill your “the White House is under attack” quota for the year, here is the first look at “White House Down,” a movie starring Channing Tatum who attempts to prevent the White House from being taken down. (RELATED SLIDESHOW: Hollywood just loves blowing up Washington, D.C. in movies)

“White House Down” is just the latest in a string of apocalyptic thrillers about blowing up Washington, D.C. from director Roland Emmerich, director of “Independence Day,” “Day After Tomorrow” and “2012.”

In the film, a Capitol policeman (Tatum) helps save the president (Jamie Foxx) after an apparent attack on the White House. Portraying a character who is capable of doing anything but doing lap dances will prove to be Tatum’s greatest feat yet.

“White House Down” will surely be awesome, and surely make millions and millions of dollars when it comes out on June 28.


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