Severed ears throughout the years [SLIDESHOW]

Actor and singer Jared Leto was recently gifted a fan’s severed ear, which he then turned into a necklace — because that’s naturally what one does when one is sent an ear.

For some reason, cutting off one’s ear or cutting off the ear of one’s enemy has been a thing since Jesus Christ walked the Earth.

From when Vincent van Gogh famously removed his own ear to that inevitable Evander Holyfield moment, here are 10 severed ears throughout the years.

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  • Vincent van Gogh cut off his own ear because, well, he was crazy.
  • Mike Tyson is famous for being insane, the best example being the time he bit off a piece of Evander Holyfield's ear during a boxing match.
  • In the insane Australian film "Chopper," the main character and prison inmate played by Eric Bana cuts off his own ear so that he can be transferred out of the maximum security area of prison.
  • In one of the least strange things to happen in a David Lynch film, the beginning of "Blue Velvet" starts out with one of the main characters finding a severed ear.
  • J. Paul Getty III -- grandson of oil tycoon Jean Getty -- was kidnapped in Italy in 1973. His father did not believe the ransomers until they sent his son's ear and a lock of hair. John Paul Getty Jr. finally sent in $3.2 million four months after the kidnapping after getting a loan from his father, but was ordered to pay back his father with 4 percent interest.
  • In "Toy Story," Mr. Potato head rearranges his body parts -- including his ears -- to amuse Hamm. But since Hamm is a pig, he doesn't get that it's supposed to be like a Picasso painting.
  • Robert Jenkins is practically responsible for causing a war between England in Spain in 1739 when his ear was severed by a Spainaird aboard his own ship. The war lasted nine years and was later dubbed "The War of Jenkins' Ear."
  • In a scene from Quentin Tarantino's "Reservoir Dogs," Mr. Blonde tortures a policeman by cutting off his ear. You know, the usual Tarantino stuff.
  • When Jesus Christ was arrested, his disciple wasn't too happy about it, so he cut off one of the High Priest's ears. According to the Bible, Jesus touched the ear and it magically grew back.
  • A fan reportedly sent Jared Leto his severed ear, and Leto reacted by turning the bloody ear into a necklace, because of course.

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