No, Devon Sawa is not dead

Taylor Bigler | Entertainment Editor

Despite rumors to the contrary, 90’s heartthrob and “Little Giants,” “Casper,” and “Final Destination” franchise actor Devon Sawa is not dead.

Sawa tweeted early on April 1, “If you haven’t seen this, get on it” along with a link to a video of Jimmy Fallon clucking his way through The Lumineers’ popular song “Ho Hey,” proving that the former Tiger Beat staple is still with us.

The actor also tweeted early Monday that the Internet has ruined his favorite holiday, April Fool’s Day. Sawa tweeted, “How the heck are you supposed to #AprilFools somebody now days? TV and Internet have ruined my favorite day with non stop spoilers. HOGWASH!”

It is hogwash, Devon. Total hogwash.

According to his Internet Movie Database profile, he is scheduled to be a recurring character on the CW series “Nikita.”

UPDATE: Sawa confirmed that he is, in fact, alive. In response to The Daily Caller’s story, the actor responded via Twitter thanking the TheDC for our “excellent reporting.”

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