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Not All Muslims intimidate Lego into discontinuing “anti-Muslim” Jabba the Hut playset

Would you just look at this? Have you ever seen anything more racist in your life?

Absolutely disgusting. Despite the Lego Group’s unconvincing excuses — “This toy is based on a 30-year-old movie, we really didn’t mean to offend anybody,” etc. — this injection-molded hate speech has now been shut down.

The Independent:

Austria’s Turkish community claimed a victory in its fight against Danish toy giant Lego yesterday after the firm agreed to withdraw a Star Wars toy set featuring a mosque-like building inhabited by an obese, hookah–smoking alien, following complaints that it was anti-Muslim.

Lego added the “Jabba’s Palace” playset to its Star Wars collection in 2012. But in January this year the set started to provoke outrage in Austria’s Islamic community after a Muslim father found that his sister had given one to his son as a present…

Furious Muslim critics complained that the Lego set’s Asian and oriental figures were “deceitful and criminal” characters such as gun-runners, slave masters and terrorists.

“This sort of thing does not belong in a child’s bedroom,” said Melissa Gunes, a spokeswoman for Austria’s Turkish Cultural Association. Critics also claimed that the palace had an uncanny resemblance to Istanbul’s Hagia Sophia mosque. “The game is pedagogical dynamite. It depicts Muslims as terrorists,” the TCA complained, adding that Jabba was shown to be a “terrorist who likes to smoke hookah and have his victims killed”.

It’s always good to see reason and sanity prevail.

I hope they don’t stop there. How did George Lucas get away with putting that filth in his disgustingly racist movie in the first place? All copies of it should be destroyed, and Lucas should be banned for life from the film industry.

Okay, that last part I actually meant. Let’s please do that.