The 10 creepiest teachers who allegedly banged or tried to molest students last month [SLIDESHOW]

The national epidemic of teacher-student sex stories marches on unabated. The state of Texas, with four of these 10 incidents, is seemingly leading the way.

The Daily Caller had been whipping together one of these slideshows each week. That remains entirely possible, but it started to border on tedious. Here, then, is the greatest hits of teacher-student sex stories that appeared on respectable national and local news websites during the month of March.

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  • Greenback, Tennessee high school teacher Angela Gay Masingo, 39, has been charged with using Facebook messages to attempt (apparently unsuccessfully) to convince a teenage boy to have sex with her. The Daily Mail reports that the teen's parents caught on when they discovered the suggestive missives saved for posterity on the social networking site. Photo: Facebook via Daily Mail
  • Livingston High School (California) agriculture teacher Melody Carter-McCabe, 28, will serve five months in prison for a torrid love affair with a student. The yearlong entanglement between married teacher and 15-year-old student allegedly featured adult toys and explicit cellphone photos, reports the New York Daily News. Photo: Merced County Sheriff’s Office
  • A former substitute teacher at a Catholic school in Newburgh, New York has been charged with raping a 13-year-old boy. The relationship started when the boy was 12. The teacher, Lisa Franklin, is married and has two teenage children, reports the Daily Mail. Franklin made friends with the boy's parents, thus allowing her to become his personal tutor. She was busted when the parents discovered illicit cellphone messages. Photo: Daily Mail
  • Kahtanna Culp, formerly a teacher at Northbrook High School in Houston, Texas has been charged with having a longstanding sexual relationship with a male student (now graduated). According to the Houston Chronicle, Culp, 29, says the student blackmailed her for money when she tried to end the relationship. The student says Culp threw several parties at her house where pot and alcohol were on offer. Photo: Fox 26 Houston
  • Jaimie Dominy Page, a former art teacher at a Santa Fe, Texas high school, faces several charges relating to a an alleged sexual relationship with a male high schooler, according to KTRK-TV. Like with seemingly every teacher-student sex story, this one also allegedly involves raunchy photographs. Photo: Galveston County Jail
  • Navy wife and mother of two Patience Perez stands accused of having a sexual relationship with a 15-year-old student at the Virginia Beach Renaissance Academy where she worked a security detail, reports the Daily Mail. Perez, 22, allegedly talked with the teen on at least one occasion about killing her husband. Photo: WAVY
  • Katherine Alana Gricar, 24, a teacher's aide with the Spring Independent School District in Texas, has been charged with having an improper sexual relationship with an 18-year-old female student, the Houston Chronicle reports. The affair allegedly came to light when the unnamed student's mother found the two in her daughter's bedroom with the door locked. Photo: Houston Chronicle
  • Married Minnesota teacher's aide Terina Ann Parr allegedly paid a 17-year-old male student $120 to delete a cellphone video of him feeling her breasts, according to the New York Daily News. The teen says he made the video "so that he would have proof." Parr, 44, argues that she is actually a victim of sexual harassment in this case. "We believe once the evidence comes out in this case, it will turn out Mrs. Parr was the victim of sexual misconduct," said her attorney. Photo: New York Daily News
  • Texas high school dance teacher Amanda Feenstra is accused of carrying on a sexual relationship with a 17-year-old female student. Trysts occurred at Feenstra's Houston-area home, in her Humble High School office and at sporting events. Feenstra, 31, is married. According to the New York Daily News, the student told police that she and the teacher "had sex so many times she cannot remember." Photo: Harris County Jail
  • Cameron Elizabeth Crist-Mitchell, a former third-grade teacher in Alvarado, Texas, has been charged with having a sexual relationship with at least one (and possibly a second) 17-year-old student. According to NBC DFW, the 27-year-old resigned the day she was arrested. Crist-Mitchell faces second-degree felony charges under Texas law. Photo: NBCDFW