5 reasons why North Korea sucks [SLIDESHOW]

While North Korea’s Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un has decided to pull a Dr. Evil on the rest of the world, trying to hold everyone hostage with nuclear weapons isn’t the only diabolical thing the DPRK has its fingers in.

As a refresher course, TheDC has compiled a list of five unsavory activities the North Koreans have specialized in over the years.

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  • North Korea has been developing its cyber warfare capabilities since the 1980s, disrupting South Korean financial and media institutions. The DPRK has at its disposal an estimated 3,000 state-sponsored 'cyber warriors.'
  • North Korea is suspected by the U.S government to be the maker and distributor of superdollars, or high-quality counterfeits of the U.S. $100 bill. The U.S. has confirmed that North Korea has spread the counterfeits into circulation in North Korea and near its border with China.
  • North Korea is recognized as a source country for the trafficking of men, women and children into forced labor and forced prostitution. North Korean women and girls are often forced into marriage or prostitution in China. Men, on the other hand, are forced into labor without conviction as part of a system of political repression. Laborers are then sent abroad by the regime to work.
  • North Korea began focusing on methamphetamine production in the late 1990s. Production of the drug is run by the state, and is used recreationally and as medicine. It also flows across the country's northern border into China, on to Southeast Asia and beyond.
  • North Korea is an active participant in the global arms trade, despite UN sanctions. A 2010 UN report estimated that North Korea exports approximately $100 million per year in conventional and nuclear weapons technology.

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