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TheDC Morning: Britain’s boisterous bastard

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1.) Britain’s boisterous bastard  — Just as every village has an idiot, every parliament has a moron. For a long time, that’s been George Galloway in the House of Commons. TheDC’s Jamie Weinstein reports:

“Left-wing British Member of Parliament George Galloway, a long-time defender of the world’s worst dictatorships, blamed the tensions on the Korean peninsula on the United States Thursday. ‘I’m much more afraid of the United States of America and so are most people in the world,’ Galloway said on ‘Comments,’ a show he hosts on the Iranian government’s English-language propaganda station, Press TV. ‘North Korea has no intention to harm any of us. North Korea’s problem is with South Korea. South Korea exists because America invaded Korea, killed millions of people, divided the country and continues to garrison South Korea with military bases, nuclear weapons, chemical and biological weapon.'”

Galloway has never met a dictator he didn’t rush to coddle. Rest assured there is no North Korean George Galloway. Such a figure wouldn’t last five minutes before being sent to his death. TheDC Morning would say that history will look unkindly upon the wretch, but Galloway is so insignificant that it is almost certain history won’t waste its time looking upon him at all.

2.) Will Cheney challenge? — Things might be getting wild in Wyoming — and things are never wild in Wyoming. TheDC’s Alex Pappas reports:

“Wyoming Republican Sen. Mike Enzi may be gearing up to run for re-election in 2014, but that doesn’t mean Liz Cheney is ruling out a run for the Senate seat now. A source close to the politically active daughter of Vice President Dick Cheney tells The Daily Caller that she is still seriously considering running. Over the weekend, The Casper Star Tribune reported that Enzi told a meeting of the GOP state party committee that he is looking forward to running for re-election — something he has yet to formally announce.”

3.) From election-to-election, politics 24-7 — President Obama’s budget is coming, but some suspect it will be pure politics. TheDC’s Neil Munro reports:

“President Barack Obama is scheduled to release his 2014 budget plan Wednesday, several weeks after the House and Senate already decided on their versions of the nation’s long-term budget. But the late budget plan is really an early piece of Obama’s election-day plan for November 2014, say GOP staffers. ‘A big part’ of his budget plan is positioning for the 2014 mid-term election, said Michael Franc, vice president of government studies at the Heritage Foundation. To win the House for Rep. Nancy Pelosi and to keep the Senate under Sen. Harry Reid, these staffers say, Obama needs to spur turnout by disappointed Democrats in the 2014 election, just as he did in 2012. The likely target-blocs are independents who worry about jobs and the deficit, plus Democrats who usually miss mid-term elections, such as some suburban women, plus many Latino and African-American voters.”

4.) Trip transparency — One congressman wants to expose the cost of congressional trips. TheDC’s Alex Pappas reports:

“A Republican congressman is proposing legislation that would require the government to publicly reveal how much money it costs when a member of Congress uses military airplanes on taxpayer-funded trips overseas. In an interview with The Daily Caller on Monday, North Carolina Rep. Walter Jones said his ‘Congressional Foreign Travel Cost Disclosure Act’ is needed because he’s concerned that some congressional delegation trips (CODELS) are wasteful. ‘Now let me be clear about it,’ Jones told TheDC, ‘I’m all for visiting the troops, whether it be Afghanistan or Iraq, or some other country. But too many of these trips, in my opinion, are not that necessary and if they are that necessary, all we’re saying is that the people — the taxpayers — should be able to find out the cost of that trip.’ Jones recalled that he was outraged after learning several months ago of a recent CODEL to Australia that cost taxpayers $400,000. The cost of the trip led him to complain directly to the speaker of the House.”

Transparency is good. But any savings derived from this initiative will be utterly negligible. #FocusOnEntitlements

5.) Tweet of Yesterday — Andy Levy: No she’d be ineligible to run RT @rollcall: Could Mrs. Thatcher Have Won a GOP Primary Today?

6.) Today in North Korean News — BREAKING: “Floral Basket, Congratulatory Letters to Kim Jon Un”

VIDEO: Fareed Zakaria says Thatcher is “in some ways … more consequential than Churchill” 

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