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VIDEO: George P. Bush calls tax day ‘Obama’s favorite day of the year’

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      Matt K. Lewis

      Matt K. Lewis is a senior contributor to The Daily Caller, and a contributing editor for The Week. He is a respected commentator on politics and cultural issues, and has been cited by major publications such as The Washington Post and The New York Times. Matt is from Myersville, MD and currently resides in Alexandria, VA. Follow Matt K. Lewis on Twitter <a>@mattklewis</a>.

George P. Bush is running for Texas Land Commissioner. And he’s out to nationalize the race. Today, his team released this timely video.

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In the video, Bush calls tax day, “Barack Obama’s favorite day of the year,” and says he “celebrates higher taxes and bigger government.”

This will likely contribute to raising his national profile — and (with a famous last name) to stoking more speculation about his future ambitions.