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Kate Upton at age 18 or 19 in GQ. (Photo: GQ) Kate Upton at age 18 or 19 in GQ. (Photo: GQ)  

Ten things to be happy about [SLIDESHOW]

This week has been really, really, REALLY crappy for the United States of America.

First, some asshole(s) ruined the Boston Marathon by setting off two explosives that killed three — including an eight-year-old boy — and injured more than 150 people.

Then, a fertilizer factory in West, Texas blew up Wednesday, killing between five and 15 people and injuring over 160. Some people are still missing after the explosion.

These two heinous events are pretty sad, but little things in life can cheer you up.

Here are 10 things to be happy about (it’s Friday! kittens! Kate Upton!).

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