At America’s worst university, a professor calls Boston Bombings ‘mass casualty drill’

Florida Atlantic University is quite obviously the worst place in the United States to attend college.

The school’s claim to infamy — after last month, anyway — is that the administration tried to punish a student who expressed discomfort with a professor’s assignment to stomp on a piece of paper bearing the word “Jesus.” (RELATED: Florida Atlantic issues new groveling apology over Jesus-stomping)

Turns out, Florida Atlantic has problems that are a lot bigger than a little Jesus-stomping.

Take wackadoodle communications professor James Tracy, for example.

As The College Fix reports, Tracy has taken to his personal blog, Memory Hole, to question official accounts of the April 15 Boston Marathon bombings. In the blog, which isn’t affiliated with FAU, Tracy argues that the amount of damage captured on video cannot be reconciled with the homemade bombs that authorities say caused the damage.

More likely, the tenured professor says, what happened in Boston was a “mass casualty drill.”

In an April 23 posting entitled “Witnessing Boston’s Mass Casualty Event,” Tracy contends that “photographic evidence of the event suggests the possibility of play actors getting into position after the detonation of what may in fact have been a smoke bomb or similarly benign explosive.”

Tracy believes the bombing was really just some kind of dress rehearsal. “The event closely resembles a mass-casualty drill, which for training purposes are designed to be as lifelike as possible,” the FAU communications professor asserts. “Since it is mediated, however, and primarily experienced from afar through the careful assemblage of words, images, and the official pronouncements and commentary of celebrity journalists, it has the semblance of being for all practical purposes ‘real.'”

The one-time union leader’s Wednesday blog posting is not his first attempt to marshal a complex conspiracy theory to explain a heinous massacre. He did exactly the same thing after the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting in mid-December.

“There is a growing awareness that the media coverage of the massacre of 26 children and adults was intended primarily for public consumption to further larger political ends,” Tracy wrote on his blog after Sandy Hook. (RELATED: Public university professors join ranks of Sandy Hook conspiracy theorists)

The bizarro FAU professor suggested that the carnage in Newtown, Conn. was caused by was some kind of training exercise gone awry.