Woman calls 911 because kittens were getting it on in her yard

A Wisconsin woman was so perturbed after seeing her neighbor’s kittens doing the dirty in her yard that she called the police. This unusual item on the police blotter in the Wisconsin Rapids Tribune is sandwiched between minor larceny and domestic abuse reports.

Wisconsin Rapids is 14 square miles and has a population of over 18,000. The city is situated almost dead center in the state.

Cats reach sexual maturity between seven months and a year old. The females are often seen scratching and hissing at the male when they are done due to the row of painful spikes on the male cat’s genitalia that wound the female. Cat sex can last anywhere from 30 seconds to ten minutes.

There is no indication of how the police followed up on the report. Also, no word on whether there will be a new litter of kittens delivered in nine weeks.

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