Is Beyonce really just an art historian? [SLIDESHOW]

Beyonce’s lyrics may not scream artistic poetry to you, but you would clearly be wrong.

The singer’s lyrics describe some of the most famed works of art in the last few hundred years. According to one Tumblr account, Beyonce IS art history.

Take a look:

Click an image below for larger version.
  • The Spanish royalty in Diego Velazquez's “Las Meninas” seem to know what Beyonce means in "Diva."
  • An unknown artist's “Gabrielle d’Estrées and One of Her Sisters,” inspred Destiny’s Child's "Jumpin’ Jumpin," clearly.
  • Eadweard Muybridge's “Boys Playing Leapfrog,” again, seems to have inspired Destiny's Child's “Jumpin’ Jumpin’".
  • Vincent Van Gogh was definitely a little crazy. Here is his “Self-Portrait With a Bandaged Ear,” inspiring Beyonce's “Crazy in Love.”
  • Fernando Botero didn't think you were ready for his painting, “The Toilet,” a sentiment Destiny’s Child replicated in “Bootylicious.”
  • El Greco's “Virgin Mary” became Beyonce's “Halo.” So angelic.
  •  Beyonce's “Soldier” perfectly depicts Jacques-Louis David's “Oath of the Horatii.”
  • Andy Warhol's “Brillo Boxes” goes nicely with Beyonce's “Irreplaceable.”

(Images via beyoncearthistory.tumblr.com)

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