Jay Carney to WH Press Corps: Ixnay on the Enghazibay


Just when you thought the whole Benghazi debacle couldn’t get any worse, that the White House couldn’t be any more breathtakingly shameless… Just kidding. You knew it could, and that they could.

Dylan Byers:

The White House held an off-the-record briefing with reporters on Friday afternoon to discuss recent revelations about the Benghazi investigation, sources familiar with the meeting tell POLITICO…

The off-the-record session was announced to reporters in the wake of an ABC News report showing that White House and State Dept. officials were involved in revising the now-discredited CIA talking points about the attack on Benghazi.

Hat tip to Allahpundit, who notes: “If there’s one thing you want to do when accusations are flying about an attempted cover up and a disinterested, collusive media, it’s holding an off-the-record briefing.”

The White House Press Corps actually agreed to this. Guess that “charm offensive” is working:

Bought off with donuts. Ambassador Christopher Stevens could not be reached for comment.

P.S. I should’ve known better than to take Dylan Byers on faith. Bryan Preston caught it:

Note Dylan Byers’ sleight of hand in the story. He wrote the above for Politico. The CIA’s talking points were fine and accurate. The White House and State Department told the CIA to re-write them. It’s the re-written talking points that are “now-discredited.”

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