The 10 creepiest teachers who allegedly molested or tried to bang students last month [SLIDESHOW]

Another month or so has gone by, and the national epidemic of teacher-student sex stories marches on unabated.

As such, here is The Daily Caller’s greatest hits of teacher-student sex stories that appeared on respectable national and local news websites during — roughly — the last 30 days.

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  • Melanie Akerberg, 33, is the other Long Island teacher accused of having a sexual encounter with a sporty male senior at Sachem High School North on Long Island, the New York Post reports. (Photo: Sachem Schools)
  • Donna Newton-McNally, 41, is one of two high school teachers at Sachem High School North on Long Island accused of sexual dalliances with male students. The students allegedly involved are seniors, the New York Post reports. Both are also popular athletes with girlfriends. Apparently, one of the student's girlfriends found damning texts and alerted the principal. Both teachers have been removed from their respective classrooms since the allegations surfaced. Both teachers are also married. One of the husbands allegedly confronted one of the students. (Photo: Sachem Schools)
  • Former Riverton High School math teacher Courtney Louise Jarrell, 22, faces one count of sex abuse and another count of object rape after an encounter with a 17-year-old female student. The incident allegedly occurred at Jarrell's house. The Utah teacher has submitted her resignation, reports local CBS affiliate KUTV. School district officials have also forbidden her from campus. If convicted, Jarrell's prison sentence could range from five years to life. (Photo: KUTV)
  • Police arrested Jessica M. Boyers, a 24-year-old teacher at Highland Middle School in Louisville, Kentucky, for alleged sexual abuse. Little is available in the way of details, according to local FOX affiliate WDRB. The bare facts are that the alleged victim is a juvenile and that nothing occurred on school grounds. Boyers has been removed from the classroom pending the results of a criminal investigation. (Photo: Louisville Metro Corrections)
  • Cara Alexander, an English teacher at Woodside High School in Newport News, Virginia, faces a handful of charges for an alleged tryst with a 17-year-old male student. Allegations include the requisite sexting as well as nude photos on the student's phone. Alexander, 27, is a ninth-grade teacher, notes New York Daily News, and had once been the student's teacher. He attends a different school now. (Photo: Newport News City Jail)
  • Albertville, Alabama High School substitute teacher Jennifer Marie Morton, 34, allegedly embroiled herself in sexual misconduct with a 17-year-old male student earlier this year, according to Details are sketchy, though the dalliance did apparently occur on school grounds. Also, Morton had only been working as a sub at the school for three weeks. (Photo: Albertville Police Department)
  • Erin Nicole Thorne, 28, is yet another English teacher who allegedly sent graphic text messages and the obligatory nude photos of herself to an underage male student. The twist here, reports the Daily Mail, is that Thorne and the senior respectfully waited until he turned 18 before they allegedly did the deed. Nevertheless, officials at Broadneck High School in Anne Arundel County, Maryland have placed the teacher on leave. She also faces criminal charges related to the display of obscene matter to a minor and, apparently, child pornography. (Photo: police handout via the Daily Mail)
  • Alicia Gray, 28, allegedly had a sexual relationship with a 14-year-old student at MGM High School in Mobile Alabama, reports GA Daily News. The married math teacher turned herself in after a warrant was issued for her arrest. She was accompanied by her husband and her attorney. She is currently on administrative leave. (Photo: Myspace)
  • Jennifer Vigil, a married science teacher Pojoaque Valley High School in Santa Fe, New Mexico, allegedly raped a student this spring. There are two sides to the story, the Daily Mail reports. The student says that Vigil, 31, locked her classroom door and said, "You're not leaving until I get something from you." The teen claims he permitted the teacher to perform oral sex on him so he could leave. Vigil says there was consensual sex, instigated by the student. Whatever the case, she now faces charges under a state law prohibiting sex between students and school employees. (Photo: Santa Fe County Sheriff's Office)
  • Tenth-grade English teacher Nikki Scherwitz allegedly turned up at a Brazosport High School (Texas) after-prom party and then left with a 16-year-old student. An investigation followed, reports Houston's KTRK-TV. Scherwitz eventually confessed to maintaining a weeks-long sexual relationship with the student. Like so many of these trysts, this one started with text messaging. The 25-year-old teacher has since quit her job. She faces a handful of charges including child sexual assault. (Photo: KTRK-TV)