Reminder: President Barack Obama is still lying about what happened in Benghazi, and about how he responded


Today, he stood up before the American people yet again and claimed that he said Benghazi was a terrorist attack all along. This is a lie.

Courtesy of the Heritage Foundation, here’s a reminder of the Obama administration’s failed attempt to make us believe Benghazi was something they knew it wasn’t, followed by their failed attempt to make us forget they ever said so in the first place:

Benghazi happened eight months ago. This video was made back in October. Obama, with the help of Candy Crowley, managed to deflect the issue long enough to maintain his grip on power for four more years. But since then, we’ve gotten even more confirmation that his administration was incompetent and lied to cover it up.

We still don’t know who killed Ambassador Christopher Stevens and three other Americans who were serving their country. We still don’t know the truth. And Obama is still lying about every single aspect of it.

For eight months.

But hey, it’s not like he’s a Republican.

Update: Come on, lefties. You can do it.

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