Shady McCoy in trouble for some unruly party bus antics

Stuart Dezenhall | Contributor

Philadelphia Eagles running back LeSean McCoy is facing criminal charges for some pretty heinous party-bus-related behavior.

In December 2012, McCoy allegedly sprayed one of 15 women he had invited onto a party bus with water, ordered his body guard to “get her” (assault her) when she complained, poured some party bus beverages on her while she was restrained on the party bus floor, and then left her on the side of the New Jersey Turnpike.

Shortly after leaving her alongside the turnpike, McCoy’s goon squad forced her back onto the party bus and then re-kicked her off, this time at a rest stop.

The woman has filed a lawsuit against McCoy and is seeking over $50,000 for the laundry list of alleged violations against her at the hands of the Eagles star.

McCoy has already caught a bit of unwanted publicity this week for calling Eagles high-profile rookie quarterback Matt Barkley “Mark” by accident during mini camp, though this party bus incident is certain to create a much more serious wave of criticism.

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