Japanese hitter hits the cockiest fly ball to left field ever [VIDEO]

Word is excessive celebrations are obnoxious even when someone does something great.

Word definitely is excessive celebrations are hilarious when it turns out a baseball player isn’t really celebrating anything at all.

The latter of these two situations happened today in a professional baseball game in Japan where a hitter thought he had hit a game-tying homer in the bottom of the ninth inning.

The key word here is “thought.”

As in, he actually flew out to the left fielder, did not tie the game up, didn’t even reach base safely.

Despite hitting a routine fly ball to the warning track in left field, the batter immediately went into celebration mode after making contact, only to find out he had a seat waiting for him on the bench.

Not sure what the best part of this is, whether it’s the excessive cocky celebration-gone-wrong, the batter’s face when he first gets word that he flew out, the laughter and ridicule he receives from teammates, or the awkward pitying shoulder rub from his opponent.

Gotta be the shoulder rub.


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