Late-night comedian mocks Obama


I know, right?

I dunno. I haven’t been a Leno fan since he sanded down his edges. (He was always great on Letterman, but we all know how that ended up.) And these aren’t so much jokes as simple facts. It’s just nice to see a comic busting on Obama, just like a Republican president would be mocked and humiliated if he tried to pull all this crap.

Notice how audiences still don’t know if they’re allowed to laugh at Obama, though? Yes, people, you’re allowed to laugh at him. You’re allowed to mock that narcissist. You’re allowed to ridicule anybody who wants you to submit to his will, to surrender your liberty and your property and whatever else he thinks you owe him. You’re an American.

Let’s all laugh at that big-eared dummy. HA-ha!

(Hat tip: Newsbusters and Breitbart)

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