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Not All Muslims think women who work outside the home should be molested

Today is May 29, 2013. Just something to keep in mind as you read the following story.


Abu Dhabi: A Saudi writer has urged his Twitter followers to sexually molest women hired to work as cashiers in big grocery stores, the latest backlash from conservatives who want to roll back limited social and economic reforms launched in Saudi Arabia.

Abdullah Mohammad Al Dawood, who writes self-help books including one called The Joy of Talking, has stirred fierce debate this week via the internet microblogging service with the use of the hashtag harass_female_cashiers, to press for Saudi women to be forced to stay at home to protect their chastity…

Al Dawood, who has more than 97,000 followers on Twitter, justified his call to harass female workers by using an obscure story from the early days of Islam about a famous warrior, Al Zubair, who did not want his wife to leave home to pray in the mosque. Al Dawood claimed that Al Zubair hid in the dark one night and molested his wife in the street. The wife rushed home and decided against ever going out of her house again, saying that the “there is no safer place than home and the world out there is corrupt”.

Now that’s just plain Science.

Here’s the tweet I think they mean:

And Google’s best attempt to translate it:


Be sure to let @ALdawood1 know what you think of his great idea. Especially if you’re a woman. I’m sure he’d love to hear from you! Again, that’s @ALdawood1 on Twitter. Tell ‘im I said hello.

(Hat tip: Jihad Watch)