Top 10: Wackiest advertising campaigns ever [SLIDESHOW]

Advertising always seems to push the boundaries, but sometimes ad campaigns can be just plain wacky.

From dandruff salt shakers to eyeball repositioning tools, advertisements have a long, odd history. Click through the photos below to see some of the weirdest advertisements over the past 60 years or so.

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  • Just in case you ever want to use a fork to stab out your child's favorite doll's eyeballs, the Easy-Out Reborn Eyeball Repositioning Tool and Stylus can help you out. (Photo via Business Insider)
  • Panasonic tried advertising their hairdryers to a segment of the population that would generally have no interest in every buying them by marketing them as great alternatives to teddy bears. (Photo via Oddball Daily)
  • According to this ad, giving small children soda will increase the likelihood that they will be accepted by their peers and most certainly develop diabetes, but as long as they are "fitting in during those awkward pre-teen years," obesity is a small price to pay. (Photo via Joe Crazy)
  • We sure have come a long way in our views of children and guns. Iver  Johnson Revolvers tried to put guns into the hands of children by saying that they are "absolutely safe" and that "accidental discharge is impossible." (Photo via Oddball Daily)
  • Everyone knows a cigarette can curb hunger cravings, but, wow, that guy's weight loss is incredible! (Photo via Oddball Daily)
  • So, as long as you are a good-looking man wearing Broomsticks pants, it's ok to throw around a half-naked woman? (Photo via Oddball Daily)
  • How is that even remotely desirable? (Photo via Joe Crazy)
  • What kind of person puts a picture of a drowning child on the bottom of a pool floor to terrify other small children? (Photo via Cracked)
  • "Visit www.jobsintown_dc.com or you will be confined to the space of a drink machine making coffee for the rest of your short life." (Photo via Oddee)
  • Pantene so kindly supplied salt shakers that make the user think of dandruff while eating, not exactly appetizing. (Photo via Joe Crazy)