Top 10: Man caves of all time [SLIDESHOW]

Over the years, man caves have evolved from an unfinished basement to luxurious, opulent spaces filled with all things manly.

Outfitted with full bars, multiple TV screens, man caves have become the ultimate symbol of manhood.

Click thorough to see some of the most extravagant man caves we’ve ever seen.

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  • This theater takes the cave theme to the next level. (Photo via Oddee)
  • This themed basement, complete with vintage automobiles and decor, is perfect for the car enthusiast. (Photo via Oddee)
  • This man took the saying 'man cave' to a whole other level with an actual cave. Head to Rancho Santa Fe, California to soak in this hot tub while watching the big game. (Photo via Estately)
  • This man cave is totally versatile. With space to shoot pool, recliners to watch TV in, and a full bar, it is every man's perfect get away. (Photo via DIYNetwork)
  • These keg barstools add a different take on the classic man bar. (Photo via Jennifer Reynolds Interiors)
  • The raised platform on the floor turns so that you can watch multiple screens without ever having to flip through channels and risk missing the big play or having to choose between a flat screen and a projector. (Photo via Onewed)
  • A man cave just for the biggest Giants fans complete with custom carpeting and plenty of sports paraphernalia. (Photo via themancaveblog)
  • This garage turned-Harley Davidson shrine is the perfect place to park your favorite bike and admire vintage ones. (Photo via Rockhardblog)
  • This one is for the super fan alumnus who never really left his glory days behind. (Photo via Rockhardblog)
  • This is a gun enthusiast's ultimate dream. With weapons lining the walls, there is a gun for everyone! (Photo via rockhardblog)