Coulter: Time for special prosecutor for Obama scandals, criminal prosecution ‘isn’t Congress’ job’

On Thursday night’s broadcast of “Hannity,” conservative commentator Ann Coulter argued that it was time to bring on a special prosecutor in order to get the heart of the various scandals involving the Obama administration.

Coulter, the author of “Mugged: Racial Demagoguery from the Seventies to Obama,” explained that a criminal prosecution is required, and the Congress should be concentrating on legislative matters.

“[W]hether or not Holder is fired or resigns — I mean I do think this is kind of a blindingly obvious case for a special prosecutor,” Coulter said. “In the past, special prosecutors have been used because there is a dispute between the legislative branch and the executive branch, and it’s the Congress asserting their authority. In every one of these scandals — in Benghazi, in the IRS, in the spying on journalists — this is the administration against the American people. And no, you cannot trust the attorney general to investigate himself. This is the precise case for a special prosecutor.”

“And look, Congress has done a perfectly good job in bringing out some of the facts, but that isn’t their job,” she said. “It looks like crimes have been committed and — very strongly — the only question is how high it went. You do need a criminal prosecution. That isn’t Congress’ job. Congress needs to be blocking amnesty, passing a new immigration law so we’re not letting in welfare recipients and terrorists. They have their own job to do. This is a case precisely designed for a special prosecutor.”

Coulter also said that Congress should pass a law limiting the Internal Revenue Service’s ability to enforce parts of Obamacare.

“Oh, just one other thing that Congress ought to be doing now, in connection with these scandals, now that we see how thorough going the corruption is at the IRS, and it is not just the Cincinnati office, it was coming out of many offices well beyond the Cincinnati office as we now know — Obamacare, this incredibly crucial law, I mean bad law, but it’s going to be interfering with a lot of people’s laws in something that’s as important to everyone, health care. Congress at least ought to pass a law suspending the turning over of Obamacare operations to the IRS while it is so ripe with corruption. That is a beautiful law that I think it would be very hard for even Democrats to vote against right now.”

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