10 most offensive yearbook shenanigans [SLIDESHOW]

In this week’s installment of high schoolers gone wild, Missouri teen Kaitlyn Booth was charged with changing her classmate Raigan Mastain’s last name to Masturbate in the school yearbook.  For jerking around on the job, the junior jokester faces possible felony charges.  We at the Daily Caller have enjoyed a good yearbook prank in our day, but we understand that sometimes it can go too far. From the witty, to the bawdy, to the downright inexcusable, we’ve included 10 yearbook shenanigans that are sure to make you reminisce of the days when times were simpler and kids were stupider.




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  • In 2008, several Black Student Union members from a Los Angeles high school were given 'ghetto' names in their yearbook such as "Tay Tay Shaniqua", "Crisphy Nanos", and "Laquan White" (photo from insidesocial.com).
  • Either this girl's parents were real jerks or someone pulled a fast one (photo from owned.lv).
  • Last year, 18-year-old Sydney Spies became a hot topic after she submitted a racy photo to her Durango High School yearbook (photo from huffingtonpost.com).
  • Big Bear High School made national news in 2011 when its yearbook staff posted two students engaging in a sex act (photo from abc.go.com).
  • The army was John's third option behind high school dances and match.com (photo from imgur.com).
  • This is what happens when budding bromances blossom (photo from dormstormer.com).
  • In a yearbook photo for the National Honor Society of Waxahachie High School in Texas, student Shadoyai Jones was labeled as "Black Girl" (photo from invisionfree.com).
  • This youngster gave the term "Bible Beater" a whole new meaning (photo from tumblr.com).
  • We have a feeling this pudgy perp may be pulling our leg (photo from happyplace.com).
  • This goofball took his quote from a Robert Frost rough draft (photo from humoroutcasts.com).