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Documentarian Dennis Michael Lynch says he gave little thought to politics until he watched people jump to their deaths from the World Trade Center in New York City on Sept. 11, 2001.

“I watched 3,000 people vanish because nineteen people took advantage of an immigration system that is broken, lackadaisical and at this point — seriously — is politically correct,” Lynch, 43, told The Daily Caller.

The Sept. 11 attacks propelled Lynch, who is founder and CEO of TV 360 Media, to learn about America’s borders with his camera in hand. Tea party groups have embraced his films about illegal immigration — “They Come to America I” and “They Come to America II” — even as cultural and Hollywood film elites have rejected them.

Lynch isn’t a fan of the bipartisan “Gang of Eight” Senate immigration bill, which he calls a “a pathway to disaster.”

“We are going to have more people on welfare … [and] we are opening ourselves to more terror,” he said. “We’re gonna live 9/11 all over again.”

Lynch says America’s economy, schools, prosperity and safety are being compromised for cheap votes and cheap labor.

Lynch filmed citizens on unemployment lines in South Carolina. Of that experience, he said, “There is this crazy idea that Americans won’t do the hard work.”

“I go on these unemployment lines,” he continued.

“I’m doing what these politicians should be doing and when you talk to these people, they tell you, ‘I’ve lost my self dignity, I’ve lost my self-worth. I don’t have any more money and I’m definitely not living a better life because I am picking up a check today for $150 … and I can’t find a job at Wendy’s, I can’t find a job in the warehouse.”

“People don’t want to sit on a porch or a bench all day long,” he added.

Lynch says the Gang of Eight immigration bill is really “all about votes.”

He said that if you take away the possibility that the illegal immigrants could eventually vote in American elections, the legislators supporting the bill would turn against it.

“You pull away votes and all of this goes away,” he said.

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