10 expensive hotels the Obamas could stay at during their summer vacation [SLIDESHOW]

How can President Barack Obama take his mind off of his administration’s poor economic conditions and ongoing scandals? Take a taxpayer-funded vacation, of course.

Check out these 10 expensive hotels that the Obamas could stay at during their vacation.

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  • Paris's Ritz is also an icon for extravagant spending. The Obama family can even stay in the hotel’s finest room, the Imperial Suite, which includes its own dining room. (Photo: Wikimedia.org)
  • The Obamas can stay at a beautiful French Gothic hotel known as the Fairmont Château Laurier when visiting Canada. The hotel’s miles of bicycle and inline skating paths, as well as the world's longest skating rink, would be the perfect excuse for some exercise. (Photo: Wikimedia.org)
  • The Obamas aren’t quiet royalty, but hey, they can still stay at the Royal Hawaiian! The royal treatment includes valet parking, doctors-on-call, beach and pool services, world-class restaurants and bars and more.
  • Should Barack decide to take Michelle on another expensive  trip to New York, the Pierre would be perfect! It offers beautiful views overlooking Central Park, flat panel televisions, living rooms, and other luxurious features. (Photo: Wikimedia.org)
  • If the pressures of the job is too much, the president might want to stay at the Peninsula Hong Kong.  The hotel employs an impressive fleet of Rolls-Royce s and a rooftop helipad for guests’ transportation needs. (Photo:  Wikimedia.org)
  • Spain would make a good distraction from the stress of Obama’s second term. The Ritz-Carlton Madrid offers embroidered linen sheets, hand woven carpets, marble baths, and a minibar that Obama can enjoy. (Photo: Flickr.com)
  • What rhymes with the Obamas? The Bahamas; which, by the way, would make a great destination for the family to get away from all of the stress of the administration’s recent national scandals. The large Atlantis Paradise Resort features a water park, shopping, and popular music artists. (Photo: Flickr.com)
  • Nothing says “Leader of the Free World” like private beachfront. The Obamas can enjoy this exclusive setting as well as lush gardens, shopping, and a patio overlooking the Arabian Gulf during their stay at the Ritz-Carlton in Dubai.  (Photo: Flickr.com)
  • If the Obamas want to take a break from the White House and reside in a palace, they can stay at the luxurious Emirates Palace in Abu Dhabi. During their visit they can enjoy the private beach, swimming pools, spas, and marina. There is even a helipad for Obama to land on! (Photo: Wikimedia.org)
  • What would make great use of American tax money? An Obama family stay at the Four Seasons Hotel Gresham Palace Budapest! They can make use of the golf course, tennis courts, spa services, pools, and premier restaurants. (Photo: Wikimedia.org)