10 strange hobbies people actually spend time doing [SLIDESHOW]

While many of us enjoy tossing a Frisbee, paintballing, drawing, dancing or gardening, some people simply have too much free time on their hands.

From knitting tree sweaters to extreme dog grooming, people across the country are finding  new, ingenuous ways to keep boredom away.

We’ve compiled a list of the ten strangest hobbies. Check it out!

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  • Guerrilla gardening: These daring gardeners sneak into barren lots or poorly landscaped areas to plant trees and greenery while no one's looking. While some people practice guerrilla gardening in protest, others simply enjoy the look of great landscaping. (photo: twistyfoldy.net/ Flickr)
  • Nail growing: Whether these are nails or claws is highly debatable. (Photo: endar_hendarto / Flickr)
  • Taxidermy: While some people practice taxidermy as a job, others stuff dead animals as a hobby. There’s nothing like a big, dead cat to start a conversation at a dinner with the in-laws (Photo: Jeffrey Beall / Flickr)
  • Hikaru dorodango (polishing dirt): Yes, there are people who spend their time mastering the art of polishing dirt and, yes, it’s done in Japan. This hobby involves mixing mud from fine dirt, placing that mud in a bag until it’s semi-dry, then coating the muddy ball in dust, putting it back in the bag, putting more dust on the drying mud, putting it back in the bag and, finally, polishing the dirt until it gleams. (Photo: Daro Graffigna / Flickr)
  • Facebook stalking: Checking out your boyfriend's ex-girlfriends or laughing at your boss's vacation pics can be fun, you know. (Photo: revision3 / Flickr)
  • Extreme ironing: For those who like combining domesticity with adrenaline, extreme ironing is the perfect hobby. (Photo: b1ue5ky / Flickr)
  • Noodling Catfish: While some people fish with a net and pole, others use their bare hands to pull unwilling catfish from their underwater dens. The catfish, distraught and angry about the intrusion into its hole, will bite the hand of the noodler, and the noodler will then pull the catfish from the water. The risks are great for the noodler, who can lose limbs or drown. (Photo: okienoodlers / Flickr)
  • Newsraiding: Carefully planning and sneaking into the background of news reports, this dedicated lad takes photobombing to the next level. (photo: The Sun and Doves / Flickr)
  • Extreme dog grooming: While the hump and tan fur may cause many to assume this animal is a camel, it is, in fact, a dog. Well, a dog that someone decided to groom like a camel. (Photo: jenk9design / Flickr)
  • Knitting tree sweaters: Someone has been making these sweaters, because the tree certainly didn't go out and don this getup. (photo: Adaniel89 / Flickr)