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New Sesame Street puppet has a father in prison

Sunny Lohmann
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      Sunny Lohmann

      Sunny Lohmann is a stand-up comedian, writer, and a viral YouTuber whose work has been featured on every prominent right-sided blog. She has launched a biweekly political comedy podcast, You Know I’m Right Show, and is a regular speaker for political functions and philosophical events. All of her work can be found at her website, houseofsunny.tv or follow her on Twitter @sunnylikeaboss.

Sesame Street recently introduced a new character for an online show – a little boy puppet whose dad is in prison. Apparently an estimated 2.7 million kids in the US, or about 3.5%, have a parent in prison – a surprisingly large number. This puppet was created to help those poor kids deal with the obvious difficulties that can cause, both socially and emotionally.

That got me to thinking, there is a heartbreakingly difficult situation around 50% of the kids in the US deal with which results in teasing, suspensions, expulsions, and even verbal abuse from teachers and other school administrators, and that situation is being politically on the right.

We need a Tea Party puppet kid!

He’ll have to go through things like, being suspended for mentioning his toy gun to his friend, teachers shaming and ridiculing him in class if he voices an opinion, being teased by other kids, he may even be arrested and persecuted by the police because of the way he dresses. Poor little Tea Party puppet kid!