Carville: Chris Christie winning 2016 GOP nomination ‘Northeast media fantasy’

On MSNBC’s “The ED Show” on Sunday, James Carville surveyed the next presidential election 1,234 days out. While he seems to believe former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is the odds-on favorite the Democratic side of the equation, he was less optimistic about two of the names being bandied about on the Republican side: former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush and New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie.

Host Ed Schultz cited a Quinnpiac University poll, showing Hillary Clinton with an eight-point lead over Jeb Bush over three years out. But he was skeptical that it would be a Bush-Clinton match-up when all was said and done.

“You know, one of the things we talk about is 1,200 days out. I mean, the truth of the matter is, we just went through the excitement of the presidential race and things in terms of politics are kind of boring right now,” Carville said. “And so, everybody, you, me, every political junky, one thing that really was our appetite and that’s a presidential year. So, we tend to look pretty far into the future these days. Who knows? I think that the Gov. Jeb Bush would have a very difficult time getting Republican nominations. And it’s just not me. I think a lot of people agree with that.”

Carville was more impressed with Christie as an opponent, but pessimistic about his ability to win the Republican nomination.

“If Chris Christie were to get Republican nominations, he would be the equivalent of Superman,” Carville added. “They’re not going to nominate him. You got to understand who votes in the Iowa caucuses and South Carolina primaries and stuff. This is a Northeast media fantasy that they`re going to nominate Chris Christie. They are not even doing no such thing.”

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