Top 10: Worst infomercials of all time [SLIDESHOW]

Late-night television may be terrible, but the infomercials that air during it make it all worth it.

Infomercials are very good at solving problems you usually didn’t even know you had. From warming up cold arms in conventional blankets to having to use a knife to peel potatoes, infomercials have given the world some of the most innovative products for just $19.99! Plus shipping and handling.

Check out 10 of the worst infomercials to ever air on late-night TV.

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  • The Happy Hotdog Man:
Momma taught me not to play with my food, but the Happy Hotdog Man throws that old adage out the window in order to transform your hotdog. (Photo via seriouseats.com)
  • The GoJo Hands Free:
Because there is nothing ridiculous about using a headband to strap your cellphone on the side of your face. (Photo via technologytellall.com)
  • EZ Cracker:
When did cracking an egg become such a difficult and daunting task? (Photo via craziest gadgets.com)
  • The SlobStopper:
Oversized bibs for those times when you completely forget where your mouth is located. (Photo via Google)
  • The Pocket Hose:
“The hose so small, it fits in your pocket. Just turn on the water and watch the hose grow and grow and grow!” (Photo via HarrietCarter.com)
  • The Smart Mop:
After you spill your drink, "In these tough times, wring it back into the glass and it's ready to drink all over." No! Just no. (Photo via 3tailer.com)
  • The Cruzin Cooler:
Ride your beer, and you'll never be stuck without a cold one! (Photo via techbargins.com)
  • Tater Mitts:
How does the potato peel not get stuck all in those gloves? Germy much? (Photo via Google)
  • The Potty Putter:
No time to practice your putts? Not anymore! (Photo via letsrageclothing.com)
  • The Snuggie:
Everyone's favorite infomercial product looks just as ridiculous now as it did in 2008, when the infomercial first aired. (Photo via aliexpress.com)