10 Hollywood gun slingers who hate guns [SLIDESHOW]

Famous funnyman Jim Carrey went on a Twitter rant Sunday against his upcoming ultra-violent, superhero flick “Kick-Ass 2.”

“I did Kick-Ass 2 a month b4 Sandy Hook and now in all good conscience I cannot support that level of violence,” Carrey tweeted.  “My apologies to others involve[d] with the film. I am not ashamed of it but recent events have caused a change in my heart.”

Though Carrey is not particularly known for his violent movie roles, Hollywood is full of actors who have publicly decried gun ownership and yet continue to act in films with guns galore.

Here are 10 such stars of the silver screen who don’t always practice what they preach.

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  • Jack Nicholson may have played his fair share of violent characters, but the three-time Oscar winner is decidedly anti-gun (photo from 50ansdecinema.wordpress.com).
  • Despite building a career that has been largely shaped by Hollywood shoot-em-ups like "The Bourne Legacy" and "The Town," Jeremy Renner appeared in a star-studded anti-gun video sponsored by Mayors Against Illegal Guns (photo from hitflix.com).
  • Star of Quentin Tarantino's gratuitously violent "Django Unchained," Jamie Foxx joined Renner and other celebrities in a video calling for stricter gun control (photo from fastcocreate.com).
  • A noted gun control advocate, Ethan Hawke has starred in such violent films as "Training Day," "Assault on Precinct 13" and, most recently, "The Purge." (photo from blogspot.com)
  • Kevin Bacon is a known contributor to anti-gun organizations, yet his new show "The Following" has often been criticized for its graphic depiction of violence (photo from digitalspy.com).
  • Matt Damon may seem comfortable with a gun on set, but the star of the Bourne series says that he actually hates guns because they freak him out (photo from ksl.com).
  • As someone who left his mark on Hollywood by starring in some of the industry's most action-packed movies, Arnold Schwarzenegger was an outspoken supporter of the Brady bill and the assault weapons ban while serving as governor of California (photo from foxnews.com).
  • Sylvester Stallone brought out the heavy stuff in the bloody "Rambo" series, but he's certainly no gun enthusiast. He once called for the removal of every handgun from America. Until we do so, he said, we will be "living in the Dark Ages." (photo from tumblr.com)
  • Mark Wahlberg often plays a gun-wielding badass on screen, but he has had more than a few harsh words for gun owners. He once said that former NRA president  "Charlton Heston is America's best villain because he loves guns so much" (photo from defence.gov.au).