Top 10: Hottest Blacks [SLIDESHOW]

The mainstream media might have you convinced that black-white tensions are increasing, but things sound a whole lot better in the color-blind language of hotness. From porn stars to child stars to Supreme Court justices, here are the 10 hottest people who are Black.

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  • Adult film star Tori Black.
  • Publisher and fraudster Conrad Black.
  • Fictional "Twilight" werewolf Jacob Black.
  • Actor, "comedian" and "singer" Jack Black.
  • Former child star Shirley Temple Black.
  • Zimbabwean tennis player Cara Black.
  • Loudmouth comedian Lewis Black.
  • Actor and comedian Michael Ian Black. (Photo by Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images for The Webby Awards)
  • Supreme Court Justice Hugo Black.
  • Australian actress Pippa Black. (Photo: Getty Images)

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