10 people nailing that whole patriotism thing [SLIDESHOW]

These people love America and they want you to know it. In fact, they love America so much that they’re decked out in face paint, tattoos, colonial dress, body suits, tracksuits and, of course, a whole lot of red, white and blue.

Check out these photos and get inspired this Fourth of July (or just dress like a normal person).

Click an image below for larger version.
  • She loves her country so much she’ll put this on voluntarily (photo: Paintitblack22/ Flickr).
  • George Washington approves (photo: forums.soccerfansnetwork.com).
  • This guy’s love for America is a long-term relationship (photo: Hub-Tattoo/ Flickr).
  • He’s going places for sure (photo: goingslo/ Flickr).
  • This person’s just nailing the casual patriot look (photo: Smiling-Zil/ Flickr).
  • Nothing says I love my spouse like a star-spangled  vest (photo: Thomas Wasper/ Flickr).
  • Obviously, she’s really into America (photo: ekelly80/ Flickr).
  • Face it, this guy is awesome (photo: LVRottie/ Flickr).
  • Uncle Sam: The Tracksuit Edition (photo: whizchickenonabun/ Flickr).
  • Frat Boys in Paradise (Warped Tour/ Flickr).