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George whips his hair back and forth. (Photo via George whips his hair back and forth. (Photo via  

George Stephanopoulos with dreadlocks [SLIDESHOW]

Ever since the election of President Bill Clinton catapulted him to national prominence, George Stephanopoulos has impressed America with his political savvy, his boyish charm and most of all his lustrous head of hair.

But one big question has always lurked behind that admiration: What would the host of ABC’s Good Morning America look like with dreadlocks?

After more than 20 years of sustained Stephanopomania, state of the art computer modeling has finally given us an answer.

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  • George whips his hair back and forth. (Photo via
  • George color-coordinates his dreads and his tie. (photo via
  • George tries on Bob Marley. (Photo via Google)
  • George goes short and casual. (Photo via
  • Mrs. S doesn't love George's new 'do. (Photo via
  • George takes his dreads to Washington. (Photo via
  • G's dreads interview President Obama. (Photo via
  • Mr. Stephanopoulos shoots the camera a smoldering look from behind his locks. (Photo via
  • George plays with his hair on set. (Photo via
  • George has definitely been working on this look for some time, maybe even all time. (Photo via Google)

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