Students blame Republicans, wish they would all die

A Georgetown University student blamed the Republicans for allowing student loan rates to double, while another said that all Republicans should be put to death.

Campus Reform interviewed Georgetown students about their thoughts on student-loan reform and the GOP in general. One student gave a startling answer when asked whether he supported the Republican plan.

“I don’t think I support anything the Republicans do,” he said. “I think all of them should probably be put to death.”

Another student, who was watching the interview, chimed in with, “That was a little harsh.”

Off camera, the first student said, “No, it wasn’t.”

Another student complained that it was “arbitrary” and “douchey” for the Republicans to allow student-loan interest rates to double from 3.4 percent to 6.8 percent. When asked whether he thought all Republicans were generally douchey, he said, “Just the ones on the Hill.”

The interest rate jump was hardly arbitrary, however. It occurred automatically after the Senate failed to hammer out a compromise before July 1. Republicans, moderate Democrats and President Obama support a plan to index student-loan interest rates to financial markets, which would keep them low for now while allowing for higher rates in the future.

Liberal Senate Democrats, including Majority Leader Harry Reid, would prefer to keep Congress in control of student loans and have blocked the plan, preferring a flat three-year extension of the lower rates.

Even though the interest rate has already increased, Congress could change it back retroactively, though it’s unclear whether a deal will be reached by the end of the summer.

Many students, it seems, would oppose the Republican plan, no matter what the plan was.

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